SWHM has extensive experience of managing hotels on behalf of hotel owners and investors, whether branded or unbranded.

Our management team directly manage their own teams and have a unique insight into “best practice” for any scenario, allowing us to drive an intense focus on profit delivery with our focus on maximising returns on investment and creating shareholder value.

SWHM will operate the hotel on behalf of the owner and will assume all P&L responsibility, including full brand management. A full set of key performance indicators will be agreed with the owner to optimise the financial results.

Revenue Management & Commercial Health Check

Revenue Management is not just bedrooms, despite what many people think, revenue management can be applied to anything that has a price on it. Whether it is bedrooms, meeting space, food and beverage, spa, golf, car parking plus other ancillary options. SWHM are able to devise strategies to increase total revenue across your business.

Our commercial team have the ability to analyse data, understand what it is suggesting and recommend a strategy with confidence and see that strategy through.

Revenue management is very similar to a jigsaw puzzle with each day offering a different set of pieces to put together and our commercial team will use their expertise to piece together the jigsaw puzzle for you.

SWHM has a full understanding of all hotels systems, a full revenue plan would be implemented including a systems review and a full suite of options to provide GDS and Consortia access. Management of all third party agents and full rate management in place. At our core is KPI management to include STR and HOTSTATS to ensure that any investment is measurable.

Sales Support and Strategy

The SWHM sales team awards should give any perspective partner the confidence that our team, are at the “top of their game”

Creating a sales culture across the business is essential to the success of all SWHM properties and is essential for driving customers through your door.

Our Sales team ensure this is driven through the whole group by ensuring opportunities are maximised through a comprehensive understanding of factors in the present markets. A bespoke and measurable sales plan will be agreed to ensure growth in the areas that are key to you and your property and the team will be proud to add the property to the current portfolio.

The key activity for our teams will be introduction to our existing client structure, with experience in branded and independent properties, apartment hotels and individual apartments our sales team have relationships in place in both the UK and overseas to assist with routes to market, buying and negotiation seasons, RFP planning as well as identification of consortia and third party travel programs to suit each property.

Brand and Marketing Support

The identity and reputation of the hotel is often forgotten, with the identity dominating the owners view on the hotel.  At SWHM we believe that you cannot have identity and reputation if you don't have a reputation.  On that basis our marketing team will not only drive the hotels image, it will also manage the hotels reputation.

Marketing services range from branding to social media campaigns and reputational management via our partners Revinate & TripAdvisor.

We always advise marketing spends in the region of 3% to 5% of total revenue and PPC returns of 3 to 1. We will drive our existing partners to ensure that all spend can be measured.

Specific Expert Consultancy

The SWHM Executive Board have specific areas of expertise. Each member of the board can provide individual consultancy for our partners, for specific projects.

The SWHM team are the best in the business and provide a unique level of consultancy for any business, we are happy to work with all owners on an hourly rate to utilise our experience.

The hourly rate model allows flexibility for our Owner/Partners with minimal ongoing commitment.  In essence as an owner in our system you have access to the best professionals at an agreed hourly rate that you can manage.

HR, Training & Development Support

The SWHM team manage over 400 employees across all projects and work with one system called Evolve. Our Evolve people strategy will help attract the best talent to your business, retain your star team members and help become an employer of choice, we will ensure that as your company is evolving the team evolve too.

Our people plan is carefully developed with both the business and teams needs in mind so we can work together to create an inclusive, profitable, safe and fun place to work. The system would be overlaid to the existing business to produce a full HR plan covering Employee Wellbeing and Engagement, Recruitment, Learning and Development, Legal Compliance and Complex Employee Relations Support.

We are unique as our HR  teams  will always provide a measurable payback via recruitment, development and retention each year.

Financial Management

Full financial management is available as we have one system for all businesses which means we can optimise your hotels profitability with a full suite of detailed and relevant financial management reports such as monthly profit & loss, budgeting, forecasting, KPI analysis & benchmarking, debt collection, cash flow forecasting and much more. The system allows our partners to “outsource” their financial management and benefit from the security of their figures and receive expert reporting.

The SWHM system will provide clarity and visibility on all of your costs and performance. We operate a completely "un emotional" review and onward management of all hotels performance.  We have developed a suite of reports that can be relocated across multiple properties that ensure that your hotel has all costs in complete control.

Asset Protection & Maintenance Systems

Protecting our owners assets is crucial to us. Our Regional Chief Engineer manages multi-site operations and has one dedicated set of contractors to provide planned preventative and reactive maintenance.

Our philosophy is the opposite of our entrepreneurial spirit, no risks are taken with our properties and we recognise that the protection of the asset of key.  A full preventative maintenance programme is implemented in all hotels e.g. all hotel bedrooms "deep cleaned and maintained" every 6 months.  Our principal is to employ experts in every case, minimising consultancy costs and optimising efficiency and ownership.


SWHM believes that all partners, no matter the size, should benefit from one set of group prices. Our Group Purchasing Manager manages all purchasing and utilises Procure Wizard across all businesses.  When the Procure Wizard system is implemented it provides group prices, nominated suppliers and costs, restricted purchasing and regular stock takes.

Operational Consultancy

At SWHM we believe we have the best managers in all departments. Our Regional Housekeeper, Chief Engineer and Front Office Manager currently manage multi-site operations. The food & beverage operations teams currently boast the prestigious TripAdvisor Traveller Awards in all of our hotels.

SWHM only have the "best regional managers" which is why we are happy for hotels to utilise their services.  If a hotel owner has a specific requirement, no matter how small, we can always assist.


When a hotel management contract is agreed it is crucial that the SWHM systems are in place, this will then allow the owner of the property the opportunity to benefit from the significant efficiencies that the SWHM team have developed.  The Switch IT Director would review each business to ensure that all systems were adopted with minimal cost and disruption to the business owner.  Examples of the systems are:

1. No matter the Front of House and POS software, we have developed a "bridge in the cloud" software system to allow any programme to be converted into our reporting programme.  This ensures the cost for owners is minimal and our team can manage the data without changing the system.

2. Procure Wizard software would be implemented in all units to drive our purchasing efficiency across all hotels.  Stock takes would no longer be required via an external company, paying for the software.

3. Flow Human Resources 

4. Opera is utilised across the group for maintenance planning and would be implemented to include time & attendance software.

5. Delphi is the preferred meetings & events system.  Any other system will be adopted to the Delphi platform.

6. SAGE is our recognised accounting system.

7. Premier Spa and Protel are utilised across the operations.

All of our experts are available for individual consultancy projects.