Holiday Inn Express - Birmingham South

ACE Hospitality own the Holiday Inn Express (HIEX), Birmingham South:

  • ACE had a standard management contract with a percentage paid on revenue and GOP. 
  • The owners liaison could not answer all of the owners questions and the owner did not feel the representative was as the appropriate level.
  • HIEX converted at 22% in 2018 with limited growth.

ACE Hospitality changed management companies to Switch Hospitality Management:

  • The contract was incentive based only. 
  • The owners liaison was the Managing Director of Switch.
  • HIEX increased profits by 200% from 2019/20.
  • HIEX converted at 28% in 2018/19.  35% in2020/21 and 39% in 2021/22. (Year ending June)
  • HIEX is in the top quarter of all IGH Hotels in the UK, based upon all service metric scores.