Longevity in Long-Stay: a viewpoint from Switch

This week, Switch’s Managing Director, John Angus, joined a discussion panel at the Annual Hotel Conference 2023 to share his thoughts on the serviced apartment sector - the challenges, opportunities, and how the sector can continue to develop and grow.  

The session - “Longevity in Long-Stay: Navigating the Next Phase of Growth in Serviced Apartments” - sparked a lively and valuable debate across the four-person panel. Here, John shares some of his insights on the topic.

The Panel at the Annual Hotel Conference 2023

In the evolving landscape of hospitality, serviced apartments have emerged as a popular and fast-growing accommodation choice, catering to both leisure and business travellers seeking comfort, convenience, and a home away from home during extended stays.

At Aparthotel Birmingham, we can offer guests the flexibility to cook their own meals, enjoy ample living space, relax on their own private terrace, and even bring along their pet. Blending the comforts of home with the amenities and ease of a hotel, the concept has struck a chord with a range of customers - from long-stay business travellers to families enjoying a weekend away.

Now, as demand for serviced apartments continues to grow, there needs to be a careful balance between managing the next phase of growth while also maintaining the high standards and exceptional customer service that has become synonymous with the sector. Here are five considerations to keep in mind:

1. Elevating customer satisfaction

Key to unlocking longevity in the serviced apartment industry is an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction - curating an experience that exceeds the expectations of every guest. Personalised services, thoughtful amenities, and fostering a sense of community can help to create an environment that guests will want to return to again and again.

2. Embracing innovation

At Aparthotel Birmingham, guests can benefit from best-in-class amenities and the latest technology, including keyless entry systems, online self-check in, free super-fast Wi-Fi and an in-room Alexa, to ensure that every stay is seamless and stress-free, from arrival to check out.

3. Building for the future

Longevity isn't just about immediate growth; it's also about creating a sustainable foundation for the future. Incorporating sustainable practices such as energy-efficient appliances, waste reduction initiatives, and green building materials ensures that the sector can make a meaningful contribution to the environment.

4. Focusing on regulation and compliance

As the serviced apartment industry expands, it's essential to navigate the complex and evolving landscape of regulations and compliance. Adhering to local housing laws, health and safety standards, and zoning regulations is paramount to ensure smooth operations and build trust among guests.

5. The power of collaboration

Collaborations and partnerships can be instrumental in ensuring the longevity of serviced apartments. From teaming up with travel agencies and regional partners, to catering and corporate clients, strategic alliances can help to bolster both reputation and reach.  

As business and leisure travellers increasingly seek accommodation that goes beyond the hospitality norm, there’s a huge opportunity for serviced apartments that can offer practicality and a personal touch.

Longevity isn't just about staying relevant and hitting the numbers; it's about setting a new standard in hospitality. A strong reputation and customer loyalty can only be achieved through exceptional service that consistently surpasses expectations - and at Switch, we deliver the gold standard every time.